Fiber Bragg Grating Inventory

Inventory fiber Bragg gratings products can be shipped within one business day of the order. Please note that we have only one gratings in stock per serial number. If you cannot find what you are searching for on the list, we can complete the order with a custom made grating.


Fiber Grating Inventory (updated regularly):

Wavelength Classification Last update (mm, dd, yyyyy)
1800-2200 nm Uniform 01.15.2017
  PM fibre 01.15.2017
1600-1799 nm Uniform 01.15.2017
1500-1599 nm Uniform 01.15.2017
  Chirped 01.15.2017
  PM fibre 01.15.2017
  DWDM 20.02.2017
  Gain Flattening Filtre 10.03.2016
  Multiple Gratings 10.03.2016
  Temperature Compensation Package 10.03.2016
  Dispersion Compensation Package 10.03.2016
1400-1499 nm Uniform 01.15.2017
1300-1399 nm Uniform 01.15.2017
1200-1499 nm PM fibre 01.15.2017
1200-1299 nm Uniform 01.15.2017
1000-1199 nm Uniform 01.15.2017
  Chirped 01.15.2017
  PM fibre 01.15.2017
900-999 nm Uniform 01.15.2017
  PM fibre 01.15.2017
800-899 nm Uniform 01.15.2017
700-799 nm Uniform 01.15.2017
400-699 nm Uniform 01.15.2017
Any PM chirped fibre 10.03.2016
Any Polyimide fibre 10.03.2016
Any Multimode fibre 10.03.2016
Any Linear grating 10.03.2016
Any Phase shift 10.03.2016

We offer the following types of packages for fibre Bragg gratings:

For detailed information on our fibre Bragg grating packaging, please refer to the following page:

O/E LAND INC.has full License Agreement from CRC/UTC Fiber Bragg Grating Technologies Portfolio, for manufacturing and marketing fiber Bragg grating products. Customers who use fiber Bragg gratings or incorporate fiber Bragg gratings with their own products must buy fiber Bragg grating from a manufacturer having a fiber Bragg grating license.

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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