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Fiber Grating Array


O/E LAND INC. has manufactured many different fiber Bragg grating arrays from 2, 3, 4, 6 to 16 fiber grating array in a single fiber without splicing the individual fiber grating together. Fiber grating array is also called multi fiber gratings. Fiber Bragg grating arrays can be used in DWDM, CWDM optical systems to add or drop multi channels simultaneous. Fiber grating arrays can also be used in sensor and instrumentations. Here are several customized fiber Bragg grating array examples:

 1. Two channel fiber grating array:


                                               Figure 1. Transmission Spectrum of Two Fiber Grating Array


 2. Three channel fiber grating array:


                              Figure 2. Transmission Spectrum of Three Fiber Grating Array


  3. Four channel fiber grating array:


                                               Figure 3. Transmission Spectrum of Four Fiber Grating Array

  4. Ten channel fiber grating array:

                                             Figure 4. Transmission Spectrum of ten Fiber Grating Array

Highlight of fiber grating array:

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To manufacture and market fiber Bragg grating products, you need a Fiber Bragg Grating License. O/E LAND INC. has full License Agreement from CRC/UTC Fiber Bragg Grating Technologies Portfolio. For a customer who uses Fiber Bragg Grating or incorporates Fiber Bragg Grating with their own product, you must buy Fiber Bragg Grating from a manufacture having Fiber Bragg Grating License.

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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