Mid-Infrared Broadband Fibre Sources

2 μm to 6 μm

The fibre mid-infrared broadband light source (CW) with model number OEIBS-100 (turn key solution) works in the 2 μm, 3 μm and up to 6 μm wavelength ranges. It is an ASE based low cost broadband fiber light source with output power from a few mW to several hundreds of mW. This product can be used for testing mid infrared fiber optics components, or for gas sensing as well as for biomedical applications.


Specifications of OEIBS-100-2um

Parameter Unit Value
Center Wavelength μ m 1900-2050
Bandwidth at -10 dB nm > 90
Output power mW > 20
Operation Mode - CW
Fibre Type - SM2000
Operating Temperature °C -20 - +60
Storage Temperature °C -40 - +85
Package Size (OEM) (W x H x L) mm 60 x 50 x 100
Package Size (Turn Key) (W x H x L) mm 250 x 150 x 250

Figure 1: OEIBS-100-1900 Central wavelength 1900 nm

Figure 2: OEIBS-100-1950 Central wavelength 1950 nm

Figure 3: OEIBS-100-1950 Central wavelength 2000 nm

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice

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