Mid Infrared Fibre Coupled Laser Diodes and Laser Sources

Mid infrared fibre coupled laser diode OEIFL-2000-Diode and laser source OEIFL-2000-Source with centre wavelengths range from 2 μm to 5 μm are now available. This product family can be used for testing, sensing and biomedical applications.



Parameter Unit Value
Centre Wavelength μm 2 - 7
Bandwidth nm 0.1 - 5
Output Power mW 0.1 - 100
Fibre Type - SM, PM, MM
Operating Temperature °C -20 - +60
Storage Temperature °C -40 - +85
Package Size (D x L) mm 15 x 3

Figure 1: OEIFL-2000-Diode 2.0 μm Fibre Coupled Laser Diode

Figure 2: OEIFL-2000-Source 2.0 μm Fiber Laser Source

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice

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