High Power LED Fiber Light Source

The OELED-300 is high power version of LED fiber light source. It comes with fiber core size more than 400um. Of course, smaller fiber core sizes are also available for  OELED-300 model.  High power LED comes with our small size box or standard bench top enclosure of OELS-600. Output power of OELED-300 can be adjustable.


   Figure 1. OELED-300 Small Size LED Light Source   Figure 2. OELED-300 Bench Top LED Light Source

    Table 1. Available Wavelength and Output Power for OELED-300

Wavelength Bandwidth @3dB Output power at 400um fiber Output power at 1000um fiber
455nm > 25nm  > 2mW  > 20mW
470nm > 25nm  > 2mW  > 10mW
505nm > 25nm  > 2mW  > 20mW
530nm > 25nm  > 2mW  > 20mW
590nm > 25nm  > 2mW  > 20mW
617nm > 25nm  > 2mW  > 20mW
627nm > 25nm  > 2mW  > 20mW


 Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.

more wavelength are available now, please ask us for more details:


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