1xN and Multi Channel LED Fiber Source


There are two types of multi channel LED fiber sources provide by our company.

OELED-500S is 1xN channel LED fiber source with build in 1xN optical fiber switch. It has only one output port and people can switch from one wavelength to another using a computer controlled user interface.  It is very convenient and user can choose any wavelength light with a click.  The light intensity can be adjusted by a knob in front of panel.

OELED-500M has N output port from 8 - 32 channel of  LED light source, each of them has different wavelength.  Each channel of LED light source can operate independently and intensity of light can be adjusted individually by one of 8 knobs. With our advanced fiber LED coupling technology, multi channel LED fiber source has high efficiency, low power consumption. Each channel of  LED fiber source can choose different fiber core size and fiber NA. Fiber connector could be SMA or FC/PC.  OELED-500S and OELED-500M are good equipment for biomedical application.


           OELED-500S 1xN Channel LED Fiber Source             OELED-500M Multi Channel LED Fiber Source

    Available Wavelength  for OELED-500 Multi Channel LED Fiber Light Source:

245nm, 250nm, 2550nm, 260nm, 265nm, 270nm, 275nm, 280nm, 285nm, 290nm, 295nm, 300nm, 305nm, 310nm, 315nm, 320nm, 325nm, 330nm, 335nm, 340nm, 350nm, 360nm, 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 400nm, 405nm, 410nm, 415nm, 420nm, 425nm, 430nm, 435nm, 450nm, 470nm, 475nm, 490nm,  505nm, 525nm, 530nm, 535nm, 545nm, 565nm, 570nm, 590nm,  600nm, 605nm, 610nm, 615nm, 625nm, 630nm, 645nm, 650nm, 655nm, 660nm, 670nm, 680nm, 690nm, 700nm, 710nm, 720nm, 735nm, 740nm, 750nm, 760nm, 770nm, 780nm, 800nm, 810nm, 820nm, 830nm, 840nm, 850nm, 870nm, 880nm 890nm, 900nm, 905nm, 910nm, 920nm, 935nm, 940nm, 950nm, 960nm, 970nm, 980nm, 1020nm, 1050nm, 1060nm, 1070nm, 1200nm, 1300nm, 1450nm, 1480nm,  1550nm, 1650nm, 1720nm ...

For output power level for each wavelength, please refer to:

Standard single channel LED fiber source: OELED-100

High power single channel LED fiber source: OELED-200


 Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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