UV Linear Source for Epoxy Curing


Figure 1. UV linear structure source for epoxy curing

The linear UV light source is a new product with model number OEUVL-300 for UV epoxy curing application. OEUVL-300 is linear structure UV source with high output power, fast curing process, low power consumption, and low cost of ownership. As an idea tool to cure a large area of epoxy or coating,  OEUVL-300 has a high efficiency and high power to replace large UV lamp. By moving the linear UV light source or object, the linear UV light source can cure a square area of UV epoxy with higher efficient and higher yield than UV lamp. OEUVL-300 has two wavelength choices of 365nm and 385nm. In a matter of few seconds, a large area of epoxy can be cured with the help of  illumination from OEUVL-300 UV linear light source.



  • Low cost

  • High output UV light power

  • Small size

  • Large area cure capacity

  • High energy efficiency

  • Fast epoxy curing

  • Fast funiture coating curing

  • Flexible holder

  • Long working life time


Model number


Output optical power

>100mW/cm2 (higher power is available)

Wavelength (nm)

365, 385

Spectrum bandwidth (nm)


Illumination area (mm) @ 30mm

5 x 100  (customer size light source available)

Optical header dimension(mm)

20 x 45 x 120(height x width x length)

Power supplier dimension(mm)

200 x 250 x 150(L x W x H)

Output power controller




  • UV epoxy cure

  • Furniture coating cure

  • UV light illumination

  • Testing

  • Lab instrument




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