Fiber Coupled He Ne Laser Source

A full line of fiber coupled HeNe laser system is available at O/E LAND INC.  Fiber coupled HeNe laser system has been widely used in sensor, instrumentation, biomedical and other industry application.  The coupled fiber can be single mode, multimode and PM fibers.  Off the shelf and customer made fiber coupled HeNe laser system are both available. Our fiber coupled HeNe laser system is low cost, high quality products with part number OEFCL-100-HeNe.

By using our patent in pending new fiber coupler technology of "HI STABLE", our fiber coupled HeNe laser system has high coupling efficiency, easy adjustment, high stability, and long term reliability.

  • Stand-alone system
  • Fiber pigtailed or receptacle type
  • SM, PM, MM fiber
  • Customer design and fabrication
  • High stability, long term reliability
  • Easy adjustment
  • Patent in pending.



  • Photograph/Printing

  • Heat treating

  • Quick curing of epoxy glue

  • Transformation hardening

Medical Research

  • Laser hyperthermia photodynamic studies

  • DNA analysis

  • Contact cutting, ablation

  • Coagulation necrosis

  • Tissue welding/fusion



                           Figure 1. Two Different Fiber Coupled HeNe Lasers  


Power Output

Up to 100 mW

Connector FC/PC, FC/APC/ SMA905
Fiber Type SM, MM, PM
Power Supply 110-120VAC, 60Hz/220-240VAC, 50Hz
Operation Temperature 15 Co - 40 Co


5-95%, non-condensing
Inventory HeNe lasers available:  
  Coupled HeNe laser 2mW output power via sm fiber
  Coupled HeNe laser > 8mW output power via sm fiber

We have unbeatable price for this product.

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