Low-cost Femtosecond Fibre Laser OEFFL-100

Targeting industrial, research and bio-medical applications we release a femto-second fiber lasers around 1560 nm wavelength range. Standard of fully customized solutions are available for this is a low-cost and compact system. Ideal for ultra-fast photonics applications, nonlinear optical processes or to use as seed laser (like in MOPA configuration).




Parameter Unit Value
Centre wavelength nm 1520 - 1580
Pulse width ps.fs 1 - 200
Bandwidth (FWHM) nm 4 - 20
Output power (average) mW 2,10,20,50
Pulse rate MHz 5 - 200
Output polarization state - Linear, random
Polarization extinction ratio (PER) dB ~ 18
Output termination - collimated beam
Dimension (OEM) mm 65 x 90 x 100 (H x W x L)
Dimension (Benchtop) mm 115 x 250 x 250 (H x W x L) )

Figure 1: Output spectrum
Figure 1: Output spectrum

Figure 2: Femtosecond laser
Figure 2: Output spectrum

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