Low Cost 1550nm Broadband Light Source

The OEBLS-5000-lowcost-1550nm is a new, low cost 1550nm broadband light source (OEM) and it is  specifically for sensor, biomedical,  instrument, and component testing applications. OEBLS-5000-lowcost-1550nm can be powered by battery or 5V DC power supplier. With more than 30nm bandwidth and more than 1.5mW output,  OEBLS-5000-lowcost-1550nm  can be used as OEM or standalone product to make your product and application feasible and affordable.


  • Fiber Sensor

  • Instrument

  • Components/modules testing

  • Laboratory Testing

  • Biomedical


Figure 1.  The OEBLS-5000-lowcost-1550nm




Center Wavelength 1550nm
Output Power via SM Fiber >1.5mW
Bandwidth > 30nm
Output Fiber

SMF-28 or multimode fiber

Output Connector FC/APC

Operating temperature

0oC to 40oC  

Storage temperature

-10oC to 70oC  

Relative humidity

0% to 95% non condensing

Size (H x W x D)

50mm x 90mm x 100mm

Power supply

5V DC or Battery


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