November 2014
Swept Laser Source in 1310 nm and 1550 nm range
  September 2014
Mini Temperature Chamber is available now
  July 2014
Under $3k Low Cost 2um Laser Source
  March 2014
Compact Optical Delay Line

August 2013

Tunable 1060 nm Light Source
  January 2013
High Power White Light Source

February 2012
Mid Infrared Photonics Product

November 2011
High Power Fiber Connection

April 2011
Under $300 Broadband Fiber Light Source

December 2010
2.0um Fiber Splitter

July 2010
Inventory Fiber Grating Summer Sale!












Specializes in designing, manufacturing

and marketing of innovative products for

fiber optics, photonics, sensor, 

instrumentation, medical, biological and

other industry application.


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