Hydrogen Loading System for Fiber Grating Fabrication

The hydrogen process can achieve ultrahigh UV photosensitivity in conventional telecommunication fiber with Ge doped. The hydrogen loading system is used to diffuse H2 gas molecules into fiber core at high pressure. With the hydrogen loading system you can make Bragg gratings and long period gratings using affordable telecommunication fibers, instead of higher priced photosensitive fibers. You can write a Bragg grating in some special fibers to make certain special fiber devices such as fiber lasers. Using hydrogen loading fibers, you don't need expensive photosensitive fibers and conventional telecommunication fibers are a great way to save money and to reduce the cost of the fiber grating.

A new type of hydrogen loading system (patent pending) for fiber grating fabrication is now available from O/E LAND INC. Our new fiber hydrogen loading system is a compact model with only one fiber loading chambers. More than 500 meter long fiber can be loaded into this fiber chamber.


The features of our new hydrogen loading system:

  • Large loading capacity: more than 500 meter long fiber 
  • Operation pressure 1500psi 
  • Total size:  1' x 2' x 1' (width x length x height)
  • Easy fiber loading and fiber unloading
  • Easy operation
  • System isolation preventing invasion from outside atmosphere
  • Good uniform from batch to batch and within batches

Model number:  OEHLS - 200 for the conventional chamber.


We have unbeatable low price for this product.

  • price is updating, please make a request for our most recent price by calling (514)334-4588 or by 
    emailing sales@o-eland.com

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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