Precise Mini Temperature Chamber

The OEMTC-100 temperature chamber is small enough for fit on your desk with room to contain  tens of fiber optics components, photonics components or fiber gratings. Wide temperature range and precise temperature stability are suitable for plenty of temperature characteristics tests, such as for sensor, packaged product, temperature tunable filter and any other small products.

Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) avoids any audible noise from big temperature chambers, ovens, refrigerators or coolers. Requiring only small power consumption and you can plug it into any 110V and 220V outlet. Light weight and compact size make it portable. Fibers draw out from side-face openings for real time measurement.

Using optional PC control software, user can observe temperature value, adjust temperature setpoint, compile and execute temperature-time curve. The temperature test procedure is easy and fast.

figure 1. photo of Mini Precise Temperature Chamber


  • Portable for Temperature Test at any place
  • 0 to 80 degree Temperature Range, Independent of Ambient Temperature.
  • Excellent Temperature Stability
  • Programmable Temperature Controller
  • High/Low Limitation Alarm
  • Isolated RS-232 Interface, Optional PC Control Software
  • No Audible Noise
  • 110V~240V Universal Input
  • Setting point Selection: Panel buttons or Control Software


Chamber Inside Dimensions

OEMTC-100:  70mm x 45mm x 20mm  (Length x Width x Depth)

OEMTC-200: 140mm x 45mm x 20mm (Length x Width x Depth)

Temperature Range

0 to 80 degree C

Temperature Stability

Typical +/- .2 degree C, Maximum +/- .4 degree C                   (Measured at the control sensor after stabilization)

Temperature Uniformity

Typical +/- .5 degree C, Maximum +/- .0 degree C                   (Variations throughout the chamber after stabilization)

Control Accuracy*

+/- .5 degree C                                                           (Measured at the control sensor after 30 minutes warm up)

Alarm Events

>+83 degree C, < -2 degree C

Heat Up Change Rate** 8 degree C/Minute
Cool Down Change Rate** 1 degree C/Minute

Communication Interface

Isolated RS-232


Process and Setpoint: 4, seven-segment LEDs
Alarm indication
Selectable C or F

Power Supply

100 to 240VAC, 50 to 60 Hz, 45VA

Device Outside Dimensions

270mm x 180mm x 210mm     (Length x width x height)



Operation Ambient

0 to 35 degree C (32 to 95 degree C), 90% RH non-condensing


Designed to meet UL STD 3101-1


2500 Vac or dc (Input and Output)

*Note: Total system accuracy in the chamber includes thermocouple wire accuracy. Thermocouple wire accuracy 
is +/- .4 degree C.

**Note: Transition times are measured after a 30 minute soak at the respective start temperature.

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