Fiber Array Product

for PM, SM and MM fiber

The fiber array is produced by placing fiber in the high precision silicon V-Groove with another flat or V-Groove chip on top of it.  The end face of the fiber array is optical polished. The fiber array is a key component for waveguide, AWD, LD array, optical switch coupling.


  • High precision of fiber channel position

  • Standard 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 channel product

  • Customer product available

  • Angle polish available

  • Connector optional

  • Single mode, PM fiber or multimode fiber

  • Quickly delivery time and cost effective

  • Full engineering support

Model number:   OEFAP - 08( 16, 32)


       Figure 1. Standard 8 channel SM fiber array


     Figure 2.  A 4 channel PM fiber array with fast axis alignment



    Figure 3.  A 4 channel PM fiber array with slow axis alignment


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