High Power Metal Mask for Long Period Grating Fabrication

    Our new High Power Metal Mask can withstand more than 30 times higher UV laser beam intensity than normal Chromium mask does. Until now there is no any single report of the damage on our high power metal mask and apodization mask with high density UV laser beam. Our High Power Metal Mask is an efficient tool to make long period grating.

High Light of  the High Power Metal Mask

  • Metal mask size up to 6 inch
  • Linewidth of the patterns down to 5 micrometers
  • Optimized for 193nm, 244nm, 248nm, 266nm, 325nm UV illumination
  • Uniform, chirped metal masks

Benefits of using our unique high power metal masks:

  • You can increase your UV laser intensity without damage of your mask;
  • You can save a lot of your expensive UV laser time;
  • You do not need an optical attenuator in your optical setup;
  • You can increase your scan speed in your long period grating fabrication;
  • You can increase your equipment throughput many times.

Model number:   OEHPM-100

Figure: High Power Metal Mask


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