High Precision V-Groove in Silicon and Glass Chip

The V-Groove chip has been used in precise alignment between fiber and optoelectronic devices such as laser diodes, active waveguides, passive waveguides, optical switches, AWG for high coupling efficiency and effective packages.  Precision alignment of crystal orientation gives good uniformity of  V-Groove opening and angles. Optimized etching process gives a good control on etching depth. These V-Grooves can be integrated with your passive or active waveguide devices on a single chip. Silicon V-Groove chips can be customer made products. Glass V-Groove chip and some of silicon V-Groove chips are standard products at our inventory.


  • High pitch position accuracy

  • V-Groove chip both in silicon and glass material

  • Glass V-Groove chip for effective UV epoxy curing

  • High precision control of silicon V-Groove chip crystal orientation

  • Channel number from 1 to 128

  • Customer specified V-Groove spacing and size

  • Standard V-Groove chip from inventory for next day delivery

  • Quickly delivery time and cost effective

  • Full engineering support

Model number:   OEVGP- AAAA - BBB - CCC - DD

AAAA:  Spacing in micrometers. For example:  0250 ( 250 um spacing )

BBB:  Number of channels. For example:  016 ( 16 channels )

CCC:   V-Groove length in millimeters. For example: 010 ( 10 mm )

DD:   Edge width in millimeters. For example:  03 ( 3mm at each edge ) 


       Figure1 . SEM picture of  V-Groove in silicon and standard 16 channel silicon V-Groove chip from our inventory



    Figure2 . Glass  V-Groove Chip in 2, 4 and 16 channels from our inventory

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