Free Space Collimating and Focusing Diode Laser Source

In many applications, the free space collimated beam or focused beam is required. Here we offer a full line of free space collimated laser source or free space focused laser source.  The wavelength of the diode laser is from UV to infrared. Collimated beam size from few hundred micrometer to tens of mm. Our free space collimated diode laser source is low cost, high quality products coming with three different enclosures:  OEFSL-100, OEFSL-5000 and OEFSL-600.

  • Ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths, 240nm to 2000nm available.
  • Collimated beam or focused beam in free space
  • Wide range of output beam size
  • Wide range of working distance
  • High power and low power
  • High stability, long term reliability
  • Easy adjustment



  • Photograph/Printing

  • Heat treating

  • Quick curing of epoxy glue

  • Transformation hardening

Medical Research

  • Laser hyperthermia photodynamic studies

  • DNA analysis

  • Contact cutting, ablation

  • Coagulation necrosis

  • Tissue welding/fusion


                               Figure 1. Free Space Collimated Diode Laser Source       


                Figure 2. Free Space Collimated Diode Laser Source with RS-232 cable 


Power Output

Up to 20 Watt.

Center Wavelength 240nm to 1600nm
Bandwidth (FWHM) 0.01nm to 80nm
Beam Size 0.1mm - 100mm
Working Distance few mm - 500 mm
Output Power Adjustment Knob on the front panel
Output Power Display Current display on the front panel (optional)
Power Supply 110-120VAC, 60Hz/220-240VAC, 50Hz
Operation Temperature 15 Co - 40 Co
Size for OEFSL-100 250 x  255 x 110 (mm) (width x length x height )
Size for OEFSL-5000 60 x 110 x 30 (mm) (width x length x height )
Size for OEFSL-600 160 x 150 x 80 (mm) (width x length x height )
Humidity 5-95%, non-condensing

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