Mechanical Splicer


Optical Communication System
Fiber to the Home
Local Area Network
Aerial Buried, Underground Fiber, Optic Cable Connect


Low Insertion Loss
Short Installation Time
Simple, Easy to Use
Compact Size
Apply for Single Mode Fiber and Multimode Fiber


Average Insertion Loss ≤ 0.3dB (typical 0.1 dB)
Return Loss ≥45dB
Installation Time 30s
Fiber Coating Size Rang 250um or 900um
Tensile Strength 4N
Shelf Life 25years
Operating Temperature -40C~70C
Dimensions L 40mm *W 4mm *H 5.4mm

Environmental Specifications

High Temperature Storage 2000 hours with IL<0.2dB change (85 C)
Low Temperature Storage 2000 hours with IL<0.2dB change (-40C)
Damp Heat Storage 2000 hours with IL<0.2dB change (85%RH,85C )
Temperature Cycling Change IL<0.5dB (-40C ~85 C, 500 cycles)
Vibration 20 to 2000Hz; three axis; 4 min per cycle and 4 cycles
per axes, IL< 0.2dBchange;two hours in each plane
Water Immersion Chang IL <0.2 dB (168H@43C;PH=5.50.5)
Thermal Shock Change IL<0.2 dB (100C~ 0C ,10 cycles) 

Actual size


Tools in the Carry Case  (sold separately)

Product Title Spec. Units Quantity
Splicer L40mm*W4mm*H5.4mm pcs 5
Fiber Cleaver KL-21 pcs 1
Assembly tool L190mm*W90mm*H40mm pcs 1
Fiber Jacket/Buffer Tube Stripper 45-162 pcs 1
Miller Stripper FO103-D-250 pcs 1
Fiber Needle Ф125μm pcs 2
Alcohol Container WTS-60 pcs 1
Dust-free paper 4.5cm8.5cm box 1
White Adhesive Tape 19mm pcs 1
Kevlar Shears KS-1 pcs 1
Carry Case L415*W328*H165mm pcs 1

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