Tapered Fibers (TF)

Tapered fibers offer an efficient way to improve mode filed diameter (MFD) matching between guided wave optical components. Coupling between single mode fiber (SMF) to large mode are fiber (LMA) and laser diode to fiber coupling are two examples.


  • Mode Field Adapter
  • Laser Diode coupling
  • Optical testing


  • Low insertion loss
  • Wide range of fibers
  • Custom design
  • PM or non-PM

Our company can taper single mode fiber, multimode fiber, PM fiber, also from 80micron to 400 micron fiber diameter range according to customer requirements


Parameters Specification
Fiber type SMF, MMF, PMF
Cladding diameter 80-400 micron
Taper ratio 1:2 to 1:5
End face flat-cleave, ball lens
Connector FC/SC/LC/SMA


Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.






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